Joy Fahey

Joy is the creator of The New Beginnings Signature Coaching System. She’s a Transformational Life Coach, Qualified NLP Practitioner, Law of Attraction, Business and Life Coach, Author of four books and an Artist

Before she started her Coaching career she headed up an International Marketing Company training and coaching people all over the world and was nominated European Business Woman of the Year for developing and helping people create home-based businesses worldwide.

Having seen first hand the many different challenges many men and women face she started her own coaching practice over 15 years ago. Working with individuals and small groups, her passion is to help people to discover their true potential, overcome the things that block their real strength to live a balanced, fulfilling and happy life.

Through her many years of experience working in the field, she understands that most people tend to underestimate themselves, their talents and hidden capabilities. As a result, she is passionate about helping her clients gain a new sense of self and self-confidence and have a deeper understanding and awareness of who they truly are.

She guides her clients to know how to tap into their own higher self, their own uniqueness and intuition that empowers them to live life to its fullest.

Her philosophy is very simple ‘The Power is inside you, all that you need you already have, you just have to know how to access and realize it!’.

If you are ready to Do, Be and Have the life you truly desire, step into your own Power and create the level of happiness you so richly deserve Joy can assist you

Joy believes that Happiness is the Ultimate Goal; that’s her goal for you!

Her Free Ebooks ‘How To Live A Magnificent Life, and ‘Your Power Your Life’. are on Free Resources and ‘7 Steps to Awaken Your Amazing Self ‘ is now available on

Are you ready to transform your life, find happiness and feel renewed and fulfilled then  Contact Joy HERE